Detail on reconciliation negotiations shows how close Democrats could be

Carbon capture is a major priority for Manchin

A report late today revealed that the White House had agreed to boost carbon capture tax credits to $85 per tonne for industries such as steel and concrete plants.

Yesterday’s leak of priorities from Manchin was revealing. He’s the ranking member of Senate Committe on Energy and it included a note on CCUS, which is carbon capture and underground storage.

There’s a big part of industry along with many environmental scientists, including the IEA who see a huge role for CCUS in the climate change battle. It’s also something that companies can invest in, including energy companies.

The detail is undoubtedly a compromise to Manchin and means that a deal is getting closer, at least for him. Sinema may be another story.

So I think it’s getting closer. Also keep an eye on CCUS technology as an investment, it’s an area that’s going to boom.

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